Aging The time honored tradition none of us can ignore.  Although it happens physically with every full rotation of our dear planet Earth; in the lives of many time seems to stand still.  And it’s all in the attitude.  Follow us at ColoradoSavvySeniors.com as we highlight local folks who are fabulous and over 50. People who are choosing to embrace aging, facing it head on with a determination and energy that dares you to call them old!

Sali Caquelyn – Friend, Helper & Entrepreneur

sali_50Starting a new business is always a challenge. Starting a new business at age 60 can be an even greater challenge. Developing an entirely new type of business from the ground up, well, that’s something only a “Savvy Senior” would do! Read Sali’s story by clicking here.


George Mason – A Witness to History He Helped Make

gm_5050In the spring of 1919, just six months after the end of the Great War in Europe, America was still in a celebratory mood. The United States’ entry into the war two years earlier had helped the allies defeat Germany, and even President Wilson had declared that this would be the “war to end all wars”.  Read the rest of George’s story by clicking here.


Dr. Ronald Wemple MD, PhD. – Retired, But Not Slowing Down

rw_5050Colorado Savvy Seniors is all about living the “second half” of your life to the fullest. Dr. Ronald Wemple MD, PhD. of Fort Collins CO, exemplifies this lifestyle. He raised his family while working as an Associate Professor and Medical Doctor at Colorado State University and then retired and found new adventures everywhere he looked. Read the rest of Ron’s story here.


Jillaina Wachendorf – CEO, Wish of a Lifetime

CEO v1Jillaina Wachendorf, newly appointed CEO of non-profit Wish of a Lifetime has already packed a lifetime of experiences into her 53 years. A successful career in the cable industry allowed her to comfortably “retire” at the ripe age of forty-three. Yet when she was approached in January, 2014 by Wish of a Lifetime, she realized she still had more to do, more to give. Read the rest of Jillaina’s story here.