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Medicaid Spend Down- What Does It Mean?

By Debbie Hutto, Caley Ridge

As our aging population turns towards assisted living communities to satisfy their increasing needs and challenges, they are being met with another entirely different challenge-affording their new home.

Many seniors have prepared themselves for assisted living, both emotionally and financially. Funds may not be an issue, […]

Senior Living: When Siblings Disagree

by Stephanie Sanderoff, Sunrise Senior Living

Without a doubt one of the hardest parts of finding the perfect senior living fit for a parent is ensuring everyone in the family agrees that it is the best choice for mom or dad. As a senior resource counselor for Sunrise Senior Living, […]

How to Get Your Home Ready for Summer!

Welcome to the newest feature on our Boomer Blog, “How to?” We’ll be asking experts in different fields to share tips that can help us solve a current problem, prevent potential problems, or simply make life easier.

In this article, we’ve asked the folks over at Applewood Plumbing, Heating & […]

Do You Qualify for this Long Term Care Benefit?

If you or your spouse was a veteran who served during an official conflict, you may qualify to receive a tax free pension to help defray the cost of Long Term Care.

This pension was established in 1952 as 38 U.S. Code Chapter 15. Like many benefits offered to veterans, […]

Updates: Boring, Controversial, and Necessary

This week, in honor of “Update Tuesday,” we look at a security issue that is boring and controversial at the same time. For many years, the 2nd Tuesday of the month was referred to as “Patch Tuesday.” Eagerly anticipated by some, cursed by others, ignored by many, this was […]

Sali Caquelyn – Friend, Helper & Entrepreneur

Starting a new business is always a challenge. Starting a new business at age 60 can be an even greater challenge. Developing an entirely new type of business from the ground up, well that’s something only a “Savvy Senior” would do!

It’s exactly what Sali Caquelyn of Wheatridge, Colorado has […]

Introducing Ed’s Computer Corner

Welcome to Ed’s Computer Corner. In the months to come, I will cover several current subjects in the world of computers and security. One series, “Spams, scams, phishes and thieves” will look at practical cybersecurity for the small business and home user. You are not too small to be […]

Are You a Planner?

Are You a Planner?
I’ve always been a planner. I think I learned this from my mother. She planned everything! We plan for small events and BIG events!

We plan for parties for birthdays and retirements, Christmas and other holidays.
We plan vacations and even just short weekend road trips. You wouldn’t […]

Drink Coffee & Live Longer!

Ever since Ethiopian monks (so the legend goes) began brewing a particular tropical shrub seed back in the 13th century, coffee has been a coveted beverage enjoyed by billions of people around the globe. According to Business Insider, after crude oil, coffee is the most sought commodity in the […]

Don’t be a Victim of Internet Fraud & Identity Theft

Your door may be securely locked and your money and valuables stored safely in the bank, but thieves and con artists may be lurking closer than ever before. Scoundrels no longer have to know how to pick a lock or disable an alarm system, they already have access into your home through […]