Agent: Diane C. Brown

How do you want to be remembered?

My job is to counsel seniors to see a clear picture of their unsolved legacy leaving and/or end of life planning problems. These problems are critical to their loved one’s future and should be solved for their own peace of mind.  I do this! I believe that an important part of legacy planning is protecting your family and loved ones from the unexpected costs of final expenses. As a benefit planning specialist, and because I’m able to offer day one final expense benefits, I am highly regulated by the State of Colorado. I can get you covered when others cannot. To learn about leaving a lasting legacy and to receive your complimentary membership in Legacy Safeguard, give me a call.

Membership benefits include:

  • Legacy planning services
  • End of life guidance and assistance
  • A record of your final wishes
  • Support for family
  • Assistance with planning funerals and memorial services
  • A free living will and discounts on other estate planning legal documents
  • A family legacy DVD to record favorite family photos, set to music
  • Much, much more

Free Legacy Planning Guide

For your entire life you have planned for all of life’s events! Why leave the last
event up to chance? With this in mind we have created a Legacy Planning
Guide to help you record your personal history and final wishes, so your
family will be free of making difficult decisions.

Call our office today to learn how you can receive your Legacy Planning
Guide and more information on a Final Expense Coverage to ensure that
your family is not taken advantage of at one of the toughest times in their life.

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